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Specialty Services

Whether you are moving furniture from a playhouse to storage or from a location to the studio or anywhere in between, Dandy Movers has staff with the specific experience in protecting, loading and the delivery of complete sets and equipment. We offer straight truck, trailers and flatbed services for these moves.

We will offer careful crating and protection from the smallest items to entire movie sets when needed. Dandy Movers has both standard and climate controlled warehousing where we maintain our security with state of the art infra-red cameras, motion sensors and 24 hour patrols.

Dandy Movers is flexible. We offer around the clock services to pick- up and re-deliver furniture and or equipment from homes for parties, special events, exhibitions or trade shows, larger Oscar and Golden globe events or whatever unique needs you may have. Our expertise and precise planning will impress!

Celebrity & Discreet Services

This is an area that we take a special degree of pride in. We fully understand that to an extent, Los Angeles is a very unique place with residents that have very unique and specific requests. We love these challenges and look forward to them. We deal with interior decorators, home theater installation teams and celebrity personal assistants on a regular basis.

We don’t ask for pictures, autographs, opinions or anything intrusive. We get the job done!!!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but we don’t always know so we’ll assume that all of your activities are private. When it matters and it’s private, we’ll do our part to protect that. We have as select elite moving team that is employed for all of our high profile clients. These men and women are not only discreet, they have mastered the detailed etiquette required to provide the most appropriate services in these situations. Every man and woman that we dispatch to the home or office has already signed a non-disclosure agreement restricting them from disclosing any personal information about the client, the location etc.…that could put their plans in jeopardy of public exposure. When requested we will use unmarked trucks and movers with plain moving t-shirts without
company info on it. They will not speak with the paparazzi or anyone asking any questions other than the designated agent, assistant or clients rep that we have agreed is the contact.

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